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Trees Interacting with Living Space

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Located on a dense hillside forest in the Santa Rosalía area of Guatemala City, Corallo House integrates the surrounding nature of the forest into the layout of the house - using nature as an architectural intervention. The project preserved the existing trees and the result is a beautiful layout that merges nature and architecture in a modern and inspiring way.

Corallo House was designed by Paz Arquitectura. One of the most striking details about this project is the fact that it was built on a site defined by mature trees, which the architects decided to literally integrate in the development of the residence: “The design process began with the aim to preserve the existing trees, in order to have the trees interact with the living space. The floor plan is free of columns and the changes in level adapt to the existing topography. Both façades are mostly glass in order to connect the interior to the exterior. The main structural component is exposed concrete, which shows the rustic texture of the wood formwork, allowing a dialogue between the formal element and the textures of the forest.

This article was sourced from Freshome.


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